Green Hope

I would like to make possible that everybody knows that these animals are able to feel love and friendship. They are very inteligent, they have folk memory, and very deep selfawareness. So it is vital to protect them. Some of these works will be exhibited at  Taipei Art Revolution 2019 !

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Listen mom. Escucha mama
Escucha mama. Tierras y carboncillo sobre lienzo. Listen mom. Gypsum and charcoal on canvas. 50×70 cm
. Amigos. Yeso, grafito y acrílico sobre lienzo. Friends. Gypsum, graphite and acrylic on canvas. 91×61 cm
Don´t worry. No te preocupes
No te preocupes. Tierras y acrílico sobre lienzo. Don´t worry . Gypsum and acrylic on canvas. 100x80cm. It will be at Taipei Art Revolution 2019.
Esperanza verde II
Love. Acrylic on canvas. Amor. Acrílico sobre lienzo 60x80cm
I love you
I love you. Mixed media on canvas. Te quiero. Técnica mixta sobre lienzo. 60x80cm
Esperanza verde
Esperanza verde. Acrílico sobre lienzo.  Green hope. Acrylic on canvas. 80x80cm


One thought on “Green Hope

  1. I see you have been awestruck with your experience in África. You set out on a solitary, coherent, slow labour of investigation culminating in the definition of your own work.


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