Who is living there?

Who is living there? Looking through anonymous houses´ windows and  common places, I can not avoid to ask myself, it is a true home for the people who are living here?, Is it a safe place free from attacks? How many things do these walls keep hidden?.. Click on the picture to see more about these serie.

Who is living there? III
Who is living there?III. Mixed media sobre canvas. 60x80cm
The Train passes by Balham
The Train passes by Balham. Mixted media on canvas. 60×80 cm
The PIxie of Balham
The Pixie of Balham. Oil and plaster on canvas 75×60 cm
Pintar rápido
Who is living there? II Acrylic, paper and oil on canvas. 50X70CM
Who is living there? Mixed media on canvas 25x25cm
Serie, Who is living there?: Fox. Mixted media on canvas. 30x80cm

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