Green Hope

I would like to make possible that everybody knows that these animals are able to feel love and friendship. They are very inteligent, they have folk memory, and very deep selfawareness. So it is vital to protect them. Some of these works will be exhibited at  Taipei Art Revolution 2019 ! Click on the image … More Green Hope

Green Hope I

I would like to help to protect these beautiful animals from illegal hunting, and all people can understand that the world is a much better place, with them alive. Some of these works will be exhibited at Taipei Art Revolution 2019! Click on the image to see more


This group of paintings show not only chaotic and isolated landscapes, but it pretends to record different emotional stages, by referring to the different shapes that the nature builds and demolishes, the constant flow and change of what is alive, and how it is revealed in the end. Click on the image to see more … More Lonely

Who is living there?

Who is living there? Looking through anonymous houses´ windows and  common places, I can not avoid to ask myself, it is a true home for the people who are living here?, Is it a safe place free from attacks? How many things do these walls keep hidden?.. Click on the picture to see more about … More Who is living there?